Today is Filled with endless possibilities as every other day will entail.  However today is the Beginning of the rest of your life and you should strive not to push-off any task for tomorrow that can be accomplished Today.  I say this for several reasons, one of them being that time is to be cherished and not to be emaciated.

“Many psychologists have made impacts on society’s understanding of the world. Abraham Maslow was one of them; he brought a new face to the study of human behavior. He was inspired by great minds, and his own gift of thought created a unique concept of Humanistic Psychology.”  (Wiki)

We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with. We already have capacities, talents, direction, missions, and callings.
By: Abraham Maslow

In most cases people will linger in there procrastination until they hit a road block in life that alters there existence to an uncomfortable state of mind.  To me that signifies Confusion, I have hit this roadblock time after time and it was until recently that i have finally figured out where i want my life to go.  When you find your inspiration whether it is through people, plants, animals, photos, music, television, e.t.c.  The derivative of this equation is that you grasp the moment and take total control and responsibility of your actions.  Once taking this step you can literally move mountains with your confidence, you are the master of your domain, you are responsible for your own happiness as I once heard in a song sung By a Duo called: Floetry(Sunshine).

As Abraham Maslow states above, “We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with.” Cause in actuality we are born with significant gifts and it simply takes molding of ones character to find an equation to express them.  For example: I was once an artist according to my art teacher in high school, but i did not continue to fine tune this craft of drawing.  Today I consider my self an artist of words, expression and design.  I utilized my inspirations and push them forth to create something that I feel is special and dear to my heart.

Today’s lesson is that you must not allow Procrastination to be the excuse that you don’t follow your endeavours and dreams.  Truth be told you are the only reason why life’s existence will not turn out the way that you want it to be.  Live, Love, Learn, and Grow to be the tallest tree that your parents seeds plant you to be.  You can conquer all, @ Gods Speed.