Today is the day to Begin measuring your Success!

One should try to live by the theoretical understanding that Success is achieved in the attempt and not the conclusion.

An unknown author once stated that:  “ The two hardest things to handle in life are Failure and Success.”

The most interesting aspect of the two is the simple correlation that one must experience failure in order to achieve success.  What you do today shouldn’t be the same thing you are doing tomorrow, monotony doesn’t allow room for creative explorations, which in turn limits the minds ability to overcome the mental block of being content with minimal achievements.

Every day should be a gauge measuring the continuum of your personal growth.  Reading is one of the best things one can do to learn how to speak, how to write, how to learn, and how to grow.  You can never be outdone if you continue to challenge yourself on a daily basis.  Small commitments to thyself, will allow you to feel accomplished in your own way.

Most people believe success to be something that comes with monetary achievements, when I believe that to be  of a shallow value of achievement.  One of the most relevant and most important careers is one of least pay (Teachers, Educators, Mentors); we all owe our success to those teachers who showed us how to learn the way we do.

According to Thomas A. Edison: “The first requisite for success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem incessantly without growing weary.”

I simply interpreted this as proclamation to turn every challenge you encounter to be a benefactor to your Successful life, and forcing yourself to like what you normally don’t like to do.  In doing this you will understand, that you most likely considered it a problem before, considering your confidence was not directed in the right direction.  Upon which your ignorance of the problem made it something that you didn’t enjoy before and easily lost interest in your pursuit for something conquerable.

As Les Brown says: “ Life has no limitations except for the ones you make.”

Consider yourself to be amongst the millions of others struggling to make their mark on the earth and achieve victory amongst their everyday obstacles.  People tend to think they are the only ones struggling when in fact if you put your self into a perspective comparison with others; while counting your blessings, you will see that you are doing just fine.

One huge difference between feeling successful and living a life of unfulfilment, is goals.   A common aspect of all successful people is their habits of setting daily goals. They spend the time defining and setting daily goals and regularly revisit them and clarify them until they are crystal clear in their mind. The constant vision of setting daily goals is what motivates people and defines our future and destiny.  (

Goals are easy to accomplish if you simply make a Conscious decision to get started and a commitment to follow through.  If this is too much for you to do alone, then make your friends, family, coworkers or whom ever you choose hold you accountable for support.

Live, Love, and Progressively continue to strive for personal success folks; until next time folks I want you to feel victoriously inspired by your own measures of Success upon these are the only ones you should compare to.  Check out the link below, the words in this video are really incredible and uplifting, the song is by a woman that i had the pleasure of  meeting on the Cruise of my life, named “CHOKLATE” .  I hope that you find the inspiration that I found through her music.
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