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I know mostly from my own experiences that a conscious mind, never stops dreaming big, but I also know that I am not only limited to my own experiences, due to my own free will to continue to grow as an individual.

It is such a sad thing when people decide that they can’t change their outcome and submit to the cards they are dealt to be their existence.  I truly feel and have stated before that Success is in the attempt and not the conclusion; this grants to me great understanding in knowing that you gave it your best and that’s all that matters.  Most people are afraid to take these risks and end up content with today’s limitations and consider themselves to be a product of their society.

Now I know that I have plenty of time on my hands, and many people work endless hours to get what they feel is a reward, a paycheck.  Because I know plenty of people who don’t have hobbies that benefit them, it’s not because they can’t do anything else; but instead they may not understand the power of stepping outside the box and what playing with their creativity can do for them.

I spoke with a friend the other day, and this person stated that they couldn’t do what they really want to do; because they haven’t experienced much.  This really made me think, well since I have experienced so much, whether it be good or bad; is that the reason why I am content that my future holds much more for myself?

I can talk about how I am where I am because I chose to break out of those limitations and explore the world @ an early age, because I simply wanted more.  I have always felt as though I am only limited to my imagination.  Now, don’t get me wrong it does take a strong-willed person to sustain their imagination as being a possibility of truth over time; I had lost my vision of following my imagination at some point in my life, but I have always took risks on chasing it.

So I am concluding that it is very much possible that we say this as an excuse for constraining our limited experiences because we are truly afraid to take risks.  I have found this great article and oh boy it is really deep, I hope you all can follow it along.  It talks about being an infinitely creative being, and ties the idea of being conscious of your experiences and realizing that at the end of the day free will is what will set you free.  Some may argue my view on this, but I am truly content now that we are not limited to our experiences.

The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective state of being presents the concept that a unique infinitely creative consciousness within Creation had no one with whom to share itself. In its loneliness and desire to share, it created a which gives the illusion of an infinite number of unique individualized or individuated consciousness.

In essence, the Consciousness within creation created an illusionary separation such that each aspect of its being became an independent consciousness capable of awakening to the whole. Each aspect of this undifferentiated consciousness can now be a playmate with any other aspect. Yet each aspect is infinitely vast and is the original undifferentiated consciousness. The individuated consciousness only perceives it to be other than the whole. Each point of consciousness and/or aspect of this consciousness, no matter how big or small it perceives itself to be, is an entity whose is an infinite creative being which possesses and unlimited creativity. Each has their own natural cycle of sleep and being awake. Each is interconnected and overlapping all the others. If we fully awoke to our true nature and could see ourselves as we truly are, we would only see we are that original Cosmic Consciousness simply at play with Itself.

Whether we seen each of these aspects as infinitely creative being or infinite creative being doesn’t matter. If reality molds itself to create an experience of that on which we focus our attention and awareness, an infinitely creative being is the same as an infinite creative being. A way to understand how we are seemingly finite but infinite is provided in the topic of the same name, “A way to understand how we are seemingly finite but infinite.”

Each of us are one of these aspects of this Consciousness. As such we are an infinitely creativity being fully capable of moving into a conscious awareness that encompasses all of Creation. A Cosmic Consciousness if you wish to call it that. We can look at ourselves as an infinite creative being because of the equivalency of energy and consciousness. Or we can simply look at ourselves as a being with an infinite creative mind and consciousness with an infinite creative imagination that can figure out a way to manifest whatever it desires. Being infinitely vast with an infinite number of aspects we appear to be multidimensional or infinitely dimensional.

We are a unique aspect of this infinite Consciousness seeking to discover and explore itself. As a unique aspect of an infinite Consciousness, it will take and infinite number of finite experiences to fully and totally experience exactly who and what we are. Creation is simply the composite and superposition of all these unique aspects of this Consciousness simultaneously experiencing themselves. Since we are an unlimited creative being, we will not satisfy our creative need with any single finite experience. Rather, it will take an infinite such experiences as each carries us deeper into its fulfillment. Through the journey the only reliable guide we will have is our internal compass and that feeling that allows us to experience and expansion into the infinity of our own being and who and what we are.

We are unlimited in what we can create and have a free will. We only appear limited because we have intentionally constrained our creative power and creative ability for the purpose of experiencing Physical Creation. As a human being,  we are experiencing a creation within a creation. It is a result of this fact that we seem to be so limited in what we can create. We are only limited by that fact that whatever we create needs to be experiences from within a human body for as long as we are in the body.  Yet, in reality, there is nothing we cannot create if we access the proper level of creation.

There are no judgements on what we create other than those which we level upon ourselves. There are however consequences for what we choose to create and experience for the given time and place of our own incarnation. However, most of us stay well within the confines of the collective and what it means to be human within our society for this time and place. The real issue we face is that our consciousness has intentionally block certain aspects of our creativity so as to have an experience of Physical Creation and it will not readily let go of the desired experience of being human.

The essence of who is are is the awareness of this unique aspect of Consciousness awakening to the flow of energy within the body and looking out from within a body. As a human, there are an infinite number of unique experiences we can have as a human. Death is simply shedding our body, the vehicle for a physical experience as a human, for another type and kind of experience. Our problem is that, because of the intensity of the physical experience and the way it imprints our memories, we become attached to the body and think we are the body. As such, we are consumed by viewing our experience in the body as if our identity is the body.

What is missed is that we are the awareness within the body that awakens within a flow of energy. We then begin to define ourselves based on the experiences we have as that flow of energy. Yet we are not the flow. We are the awareness within the flow and it never dies. It simply redefines itself based on the flow of energy within which it awakens. Because of the intensity of the experiences in the flow, those experiences dominate our memory. But sometimes we remember. Sometimes we remember other experiences, other lifetimes, other bodies or other vehicles. We think it is our imagination but we never look to see what is really real. We fail to become aware that what is real are the feelings that give rise to our thoughts and images, not the thoughts or the images.

We have only awakened a very small percentage of those infinite number of dimensions to our being. Our human form, that is our body, and the Creation we experience is representative of that portion of our consciousness that we have awaken. In some ways we can view awakening and the process of enlightenment as only open these successive dimensions to our awareness. As we awaken to our infinite consciousness across these infinite dimensions, we eventually reaches a point where the expression of our awaken consciousness is not longer a human body or, maybe better said, our awaken consciousness can not longer fit in a human body and we “transcends” or evolves past being human.

This process of unfoldment is as natural as any other process one experiences. It will eventually happen. But because we have a free will, we have control over the process of how we define ourselves and determine what direction we evolve, that is, expanding our awareness, contracting our awareness or freezing it at it is. Consciousness/consciousnesses, at any level, defines itself by the experience it has. Rather than exploring the true depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability and who and what we really are, we give ourselves an identity based on the experiences we have had.

We need to step out of the identity which we have given to ourselves because of the experiences we have had. It is to create something that seems impossible to our mind and the ego will cause us to transcend our mind and our ego. As a human, choosing to become the creator of the reality of our experiences and choosing to recreate the world we experience through the use of our intuitive guidance and the infinity of our being will cause us to step out of mind and the identity which we created based on the experiences of mind.

The point to realize here is that any experience we create is an experience of the Divine. However, what we experience is what we believe at some level of our being. We have a transcendental mind and an enculturated mind. Most perceive reality through their enculturated mind. When we access our transcendental mind as in a deep meditation or other contemplative practices, it is so deep and vast in comparison to our enculturated mind we think we accessed the mind of God. However, all we are doing is accessing a deep part of our own infinite being based on the experiences we have had of Creation.

Any individualized consciousness, including each of us, has the ability to create whatever it desires. We each are expressing a unique aspect of the Creator. As such, we can mold ourselves into whatever we choose. However, rather than being true to our nature and the uniqueness of that aspect of the Creator, we can copy and mimic those around us. We do so by either (1) thinking what we see externally is somehow better or more appropriate than our own truth and our own nature and/or (2) never realize and awaken to the fact that we have a unique expression if we live in the truth of our nature.

We each are an aspect of the Consciousness within Creation experiencing Creation as viewed from that aspect. In some ways you can say the Consciousness within Creation is schizophrenic and has only split itself into an infinite number of illusionary personalities that it thinks are real. Each of these “personalities,” the individualized consciousness, is capable of creating a whole universe unto itself the equivalent of the Creation we experience or it can experience the creation of any other individualized consciousness as a creation within creation. We create what we experience and the reality of those experiences by how we focus our attention and awareness. We focus our attention and awareness in and through what we think and believe.

The important thing to realizes about being an infinitely creative being, that our creative power lies in the ability of our mind to choose based on what we feel. In any one moment, there are five primary flows of energy to which we feel and can surrender that are influencing our life that give an overall composite. They are (1) the intention for our life, (2) the flow of Creation, (3) the flow of society, (4) the flow the intention of our enculturated mind, (5) the composite or resultant flow of the conscious and unconscious serve us feeling of freedom and expansion into the infinity of our own being. desires of our mind. Of course there are other flows of energy that are variations of these five or a subpart. From a feeling perspective, the choice is easy. We choose that which and allows for a

Our creative spirit outside of mind desires to feel full of life and an expansion within itself into the infinity of its own being. It does not necessarily want to create anything specific. It wants to feel freedom in whatever it does. It seeks the freedom to experience. It seek the freedom to be in spontaneous and innocent childlike play in the discovery and exploration of itself and Creation. It seeks the freedom to create what it desires and to freely unfold and flow in the experience of that creation. When we are free to flow, we experience an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening externally. Externally we can be in pleasure or pain, yet we will fill an inner satisfaction and calmness at what is occurring.

But we do need to remember, Creation occurs at many different levels simultaneously. At each and every level the existing creation must dissolve back into its component parts only to be recast into a new form. As beings of infinite dimensions, there will always be a part of ourselves dissolving and being recast. If we are creating, there will always be aspects of our life that are chaotic and seemingly in turmoil. There is nothing wrong with this. It is part of the process. Chaos is part of the creative process and will always exist to some extent. The chaos of this creativity can occur inside ourselves, external to us or both inside and external to us depending on what it is you are trying to creating. So we can expect to experience chaos to enter an area of our life for our actions that are truly creative.

The more areas and aspects of life we wish to transform/recreate and/or experience our unlimited creativity and freedom, the deeper and broader the transformation that will be required. Similarly, the more expansive the creation we wish to manifest, the greater the transformation of our life. To free ourselves the cage of our own making to access our unlimited creativity and claim our birthright as the unlimited and infinite creative being that we are is the most significant change we will need to undergo. But, it needs to be noted, that, as a being of unlimited creativity, we can create a gentle phoenix at each and every level of our being.(From this website….