Brilliance is what brilliance does, you are brilliant simply because you process the quality of having an extraordinary mental capacity to think of great thoughts.  I strongly feel that it is not who is told to be brilliant that defines brilliance, but instead it is who knows they are brilliant that truly defines brilliance.  I like to write down ideas that come to mind, and putting them to motion makes me feel brilliant.  If I am the only one in awe over my ideas then so be it, for it is my knowing that I am brilliant that decides for me.  Try to think of yourself as a catalyst of brilliance, for example these were my thoughts for today:

“For whom it is I who stands tall, dreams big, and will always strive to understand all.  I am a being with a meaningful purpose and a doubtful intent to inspire whomever will allow for my thoughts to flow within the walls of their domain.  I exist in a league of my own understandings, therefore competition as a distraction does not exist in my eyes.  I will someday be the best, because I thrive to continue to try everyday to defeat my own struggles with ignorance, selfishness, holding grudges, anger, un-happiness and neglect to express myself. “(Sergio Douglas..aka Me, the sometimes ignorant writer(lol))

I think these thoughts in order to be resilient towards any distractions that may allow one to falter, during an attempt at achieving peace with thyself.  I define resilience to be one’s own flexibility to bounce back to a state of mind that is unconquerable from adversity, grief, misfortune, terrible mistakes made, and even negatively addictive habits.  Some people never bounce back from their past mistakes and continue to never acknowledge they have made these mistakes by ignoring their current state.  To me the beauty of all mistakes is when one acknowledges it and attempts to stop others from making the same mistakes.  I am not saying that one person can save the world by doing this, but one person can change the world with their brilliance.  There a people like me whom enjoy to borrow knowledgable wisdom from others and they are usually granted by learning experiences.  In my own words I stand to believe that one should firmly:

“Teach thyself to do not what thy next person falters in doing.”

Ending today’s entry is a quote by Bhagavad Gita, These are positive thoughts to start your day with:

Know Me to be the eternal seed

of all creatures. I am the intelligence

of the intelligent, and the brilliance

of the brilliant.