Your Life is a movie, As the leading actor, you must show others how it’s done!

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As it takes time to embody oneself, you must lead by example.  Be a leader in whatever you do, don’t allow for others to pave your way.  Take control of your actions and make them count, make lasting impressions to everyone you encounter; make that your centerpiece of life.  Embrace life’s precious moments as they add dimensions to your life and character.  Actors have a role of telling a story with actions, consider yourself an actor in a documentary of your life. Today is your day to tell the story the way you want it to be told, take advantage of the moment and change the script to be something that reflects you.

Life grants us precious moments to serve as role models for thyself and others. I believe it takes a person who seeks to become a person who knows.  In other words if you seek, you shall find to know what it is you are intended to know.  In knowing you can conclude the outcome of happiness at your own expense, and not at the expense of someone else’s decision.  Figuring out what you want to do in life is hard, but if you take steps everyday towards becoming a better role model, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment and guidance.  Stars stand and fall everyday from the sky and television, but it seems they are replaced the next day.

I challenge you to venture out and establish that connection with life today, seek salvation amongst your attempt at trying something different.  Without failure there exists no success, through love there exists pain, and sometimes in doing wrong we learn what’s right.  Everything you do is an experience to be documented mentally, physically, so capture your expressions as they should be.  Don’t be afraid to share your incredible sensitivity and  undeniable compassion for music, art, movies, excitement, friends, and love.  Do it in your own way, seek it to be something that you want the world to know and. Own your existence 2day, do it purely for self expression, do it because there is no flaws in living your life the way that you want with no hold backs…. until next time folks..Love yourself, pride yourself, and continue to be yourself…