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There is a duty of being strong. Strength is not a mere happy gift that falls to the lot of certain favored person, while others are doomed for weakness. Never is weakness a duty. Over and over again in the Scriptures are men urged to be strong, but they are never urged to be weak. Weakness is never set down among the virtues, the beautiful things, the noble qualities of life. Everywhere are we urged to be strong. At the same time, no fact is oftener reiterated than that of human weakness. We belong to an imperfect family. We tire easily. We faint under burdens. We are overcome by our sorrow. Life’s struggles are too hard for us. We are bruised reeds, – not weak only, but crushed and wounded in our life.(The Duty of being strong, by J.R. Miller D.D.)

Yet, while these painful facts are kept before us continually, a divine voice is ever heard sounding like a trumpet over the fields of battle and defeat, calling us to be strong. Strength is the ideal of a noble life. Victoriousness is the characteristic of a life of faith. Indeed, the only hope of blessedness is through overcoming. Heaven’s heights lie beyond the plains of earthly struggle, and can be reached only by him who is strong and who overcometh.(The Duty of being strong, by J.R. Miller D.D.)

Sometimes we feel that we don’t have the power to overcome things and assume we couldn’t deal with situations which we are unfamiliar with.  Today is our day to not be afraid of the unknown and take it on face to face.  When we are not in control of a situation we are actually granted an opportunity to give our all and prove ourself to be strong.  It takes courage to fight in a war, it doesn’t matter if  we are considered to be the underdog or the stronger opponent.  The idea that you are willing to take on a challenge while not knowing the outcome shows great courage.

When you are faced with adversity then you act upon your feelings from within, you fight to show you can win.  Every person has a little bit of what I call “the lion factor” within them, and it takes a strong-willed person to not allow anything to ruin their reign of being a commander of their own destiny.  I have been faced with many battles throughout my life.  But I continue to reign victorious in thought, we are only as strong as we think we are.  If we feel defeated, then we are defeated mentally.  People tend to walk over others whom don’t own a sense of confidence, you truly must own these feelings of being strong, even if it is not acknowledged by others.

Being strong comes from within, it is not about the muscles you have, the car you drive, but rather the confidence that you exude when you are tested in your ability to be humble.  If you own your confidence then you are able to stay within the boundaries of being confident and not arrogant in one’s ways.  Just as one  shouldn’t need validation from others to know their outfit is nice, or their haircut looks good, the compliment should be an accessory, and not the outfit.  One must be able to overcome anything unfamiliar and know that weakness is not helpful in any situation.  It simply an excuse to run from the problem at hand.  This only makes the blow much stronger.

The purpose of this entry today is to help you and I continue the search for our inner strengths as there are many.  We can find tools to guide us in finding our strength by utilizing our experiences with grief, having faith in our religious practices, and so forth.  Giving up on this search should never be an option, you deserve better, you will get more, and you will grow to un-found measures.  Find your strength today and continue to work on fine tuning it, because it is solely your responsibility to keep your head high to the sky and think strong.  If you have made it through life’s obstacles thus far, then the journey is un-finished and you must know that god will not give you more than you can bear.