Believe in yourself, and when no one else does believe in yourself even more.  You are the determining factor that will allow for others to understand your capabilities.  I like to believe that in my own words “If only I knew, then I could”, this makes me feel like I don’t wanna waste time in not knowing, but instead I wanna spend time in knowing that I can by trying to do whatever comes to mind.  Don’t just think of what you could do, but embrace the thought and act on it.  As it takes determination to break habitual behaviors, I ask why lay victim to not knowing and regretting what you should have, or could have done?  Today is the day to have faith that you can do something phenomenal for yourself and that is by simply having faith in knowing you can conquer any challenge thrown your way!

Believe that you can live forever, you can overcome your fears, you can love/love again, you can be happy, you can trust in others, you can be a role model, and you can do anything you want to.  Believe the best and you can achieve the best.  It truly boils down to being your biggest fan, without doubt of success there will always be achievement.   I have found another really good article that I felt must be listed on here to give you further  reason to believe in yourself.  The article is by Donna Graham, and it is written below:

Believing in yourself has a lot to do with your happiness, your success, and your general outlook on life. With all the day to day stress most of us live with each day, sometimes we get lost in the game of life. We don’t know who we are anymore or what we are doing. We realize we are not 100% happy and we are not living the life we want to live.

When we do not believe in ourselves as much as we should, we stop growing and small things become intolerable. Our temper often flares up towards others and our family life suffers when we become depressed. We are not only unhappy, we also often make others feel unhappy.

How we feel about our self is what allows us to move forward in life. When our belief system shuts down or stops working the way it should, life becomes nothing more than a day to day existence. We dream about the perfect life constantly, but we do not believe in our self enough to make our dream happen.

It is perfectly natural to dream about success and it is our belief system which helps us make our dreams come true. When we do not even make an attempt at achieving our dreams is when we become depressed about our life.

Step 1: The good news is that you can turn your belief system back on. Realizing there is something wrong with your belief system is the first step in turning it back on and making the necessary repairs. Once you understand that it is your belief system that enables you to do what you want to do, you will be able to achieve success.

Step 2: The second step is to realize that there is probably not as much wrong with you as you think there is. You can change the way you believe in yourself. Utilizing your ability to work hard and a lot of persistence is what will bring it back. But you must take the first step. No one can do it for you. Your mother can tell you how great you are all day long, but it will not matter until you believe how great you are.

Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half. On one half, list your positive assets. Learning quickly, good listener, and great at running races are examples of what would go here. On the other side of the paper, list your negative qualities, such as your inability to move forward, not believing in yourself. As you look at this paper, notice how much you have in the positive asset area versus the negative area. You are probably not as bad off as you think you are.

After you come to the conclusion that you are not a hopeless case, you can move on to more important things, like believing in yourself and achieving success. Remember, you can’t go anywhere until you believe you can go somewhere.

Step 3: Next, start beginning to notice who, in your circle of friends, family, or coworkers, brings you down, and puts you in a negative state of mind and who puts you in a positive state of mind. It is often said that misery loves company. Don’t take part in this type of behavior. Don’t ever let others bring you down. If someone is as miserable as you, how can they help you?

Step 4: Realize things are what they are. When something happens, deal with it. Don’t ignore it or avoid it, just deal with it. Life always has hurdles, no matter how successful your are, no matter how much you believe in yourself. These hurdles are a part of everyday life. Look at what the early pioneers had to deal with on a daily basis. Their stories of inspiration have lived for generations. Their courage helped to shape our country. These people believed in themselves so strongly that they endured feats that have never been endured since.

Step 5: Go ahead and dream. Dream of success, and whatever success means to you. Utilize your positive assets in step 2 to help you achieve success. Think about your negative assets from step 2 and how to conquer or go around them. Then begin to to create your goals and experience how much easier life can be when you have a purpose.

Believing in yourself is the difference between winning and losing in life. You either want to be a winner, or your want to be a loser. You either want to believe you can achieve success or you don’t. The choice is up to you.