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In order to become better, one must do better.  Experience more and take risks that will make you feel good about yourself.  You are able to change anything you want with a little bit of courage.  Don’t be afraid to risk losing for the sake of gaining, it is a powerful thing that can turn out to be something beautiful.  You only live once so try living, loving and laughing today, it can truly be a great start upon your journey of finding the new you.  In understanding that life is filled with ups and downs, then you should strive to find new ways to make yourself happy.  Happiness can be a great tool of reinventing yourself, there is no need to live the same way everyday.

Try sometime alone, it is the best way to gather ideas and channel your inner soul with no distractions.  Tv is not the only outlet, it doesn’t grant for the same learning experience that one can get from a good book. It is your day to try to make a difference in your own life. There is so much to explore in your city, so get out and get lost in your city. Take trips to a lake or ocean near by and bring a book while listening to the beautiful sounds of nature. I have found 10 ways to live a happier life and I suggest you all try some of them listed below:

1. Do not think too much.  Be notorious for living in the present, and never worry about the future. We are not happy, since we think too much.

2. Maintaining close relationship is important.  Try to have a very close knitted family network.
As long as we accept people for what they are, we can find happiness in our relationships with others.

3. Decide to be a happy person. Make a choice to live happily. Let nothing stress you to death.

4. Choose to be grateful for what you have. As long as you are alive and kicking, that is happiness. You can choose to be grateful for your job, your food, your house, your car, your pet and so on.

5. Reduce your dosage of bad news.
There is no need to how many people died from cancer. You need to know about cancer prevention and healthy eating.

6. A religious connection helps you to find happiness. It is good to learn different ways of looking at life. It is good to have a strong belief in the meaning of life.

7. Manage your time well. Time management means scheduling, setting goals, planning, prioritizing and relaxation.

You need time to simply relax and do nothing. A kid can stare at the moving fan for hours. That is a form of happiness.

8. Have the courage to laugh heartily. Some of us exercise self-restraint and forget about playing the fool. It is good to let go, and laugh. Having the courage to laugh heartily brings happiness.

9. Find a means of expressing your thoughts, feelings, friendship, and passion. The Nigerians love to sing. That is a form of expressing their happiness.

You can anger management. Children have the freedom to throw toys to release frustration. You cannot grab the chair and throw it across the room when you are at work. However, you can go for strenuous exercise to release your anger and frustration.

10. Hard work brings a sense of personal satisfaction.
You can find happiness from your passion. Many gamers find satisfaction and happiness from playing online games. You can enjoy a few hours of slaying dragons. However, do not get addicted to the game.

Money can buy happiness in some ways. However, it does not mean that a billionaire is happier than a millionaire is.   (written by: S.Cheng)