Life really isn’t short, I think it was once said to be short just in order to force people to hurry up and do things.  But I think that we should embrace every moment of life, we all have plenty of time to achieve.  According to the United Nations World Population prospect for 2005-2010 the average life expectancy is 78.2, I mean for me I think that is a reasonable amount of time to have fun .  From this calculation you can kinda get an understanding of how many days you have to enjoy being blessed, based on this statistic. 
If you subtract your age from the figure of (78.2), you can then multiply the result by 365(days) and there you have a rough estimate of the amount of actual days you have in your life expectancy.  For example I am 27, so if you take(78.2-27)=51.2*365= 18,688 days to achieve many wonderful things and even though this is rough estimate, I am content that I will have longer days and you should also.  You can travel around the world, you can write a book, you can have kids, you can have a long marriage , you can have life long friends, you can continue to have a purpose driven life, and you can accomplish everything on your bucket list.

I suggest that one takes the time out and start the list of things that you want to accomplish today.  Think about some fun things that you would truly love to try to go for it, you will see that it is helpful in motivating one to do more.  Make a life long commitment to yourself today and not tomorrow! I have found another great article by Susan Kersley , and it gives you some neat ideas upon staying motivated, check it out below:

Motivation is a challenge for most people so don’t beat yourself up about your apparent lack of it. However in order to achieve your desired outcome in life you really do need to find ways to switch your motivation back on again for the times when it seems to have disappeared.

Change activities regularly. When you do so you will keep your brain fresh and avoid getting bored. You might decide to change what you are doing based on how long you are doing something. This might be every half an hour, for example. If this appeals to you set a timer to remind yourself it’s time to do something different.

Vary the type of activity. Don’t spend all day sitting in the same chair doing computer based work. Take time out either to do a few exercises such as touching your toes, a few twists, running up and down a flight of stairs, or having a brisk walk outside.

Decide what you will complete each day and then do it. If changing activities every half an hour doesn’t appeal to you then set yourself a manageable amount to achieve during a session. When you’ve achieved that then take a break as suggested in either of the tips above. Realise that part of the process of change is that your motivation will ebb and flow. The important thing is not to give up but take a break, do some exercise, change what you are doing and then go back to the task and get it done.

(By: Susan Kersley)