The purpose of life is a life of purpose.  ~Robert Byrne

Justify what you have learned thus far.  Take your experiences to the next level, what you have learned thus far is for a reason.  The mind is something terrible to waste, although it is a complex part of  the body, it can be deciphered to project creativity.  You are a great asset to the world whether you are considered to be an important person by many or by few.  Your voice is precious, and should not be neglected.  Teach yourself how to do great things, most of the people whom you believe to be an inspiration had set out at start just as you are.  In order to be your best, you must feel your best and this comes along with effortless attempts to fine tune your skills and develop more.

One’s mind can be misguided by many distractions, but you are strong enough to treat these distractions as minimal endeavours.  What I mean by this is that let’s say a person whom is overwhelmed with self-doubts.  If you envision this as something simple like channeling the motivation to clean your room, then it becomes something that is able to be accomplished as a daily task.  If you are able to commit to your religion, work, family, and so forth, then their should be no complaints about emanating that same energy into fine tuning new things into your life.  My motto is “Think better and you will do better”, the body reacts to one’s own mental state of being and it is okay to have moments of weakness, but never feel defeated.  You can always have a rematch, life has its ways of allowing us to have second chances at achieving things we falter in.

Your past is your past for a reason, that is meant to be a closed chapter in your book.  Needed only for purposes to be reviewed to learn from, and not to be used in the same way as before.  Have some self-pride in understanding that you live to learn and learn to live a better life than before.  When one truly is open-minded about their learning experiences they are willing to adapt to any situation in a means of understanding that  as pastor Duranice Pace once stated “It is not personal, but it is purposeful.”  You are fortunate in so many ways, just look at others whom have less than you and live within simple means of only needing and not wanting things that are not essential to survival and you shall understand this concept.  I truly believe that in my own words “Nothing is unattainable, unless you believe it to be.”

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me.”  ~Erma Bombeck