Complicated and simple are actually two sides of the same coin: in order to see complexity, you must have the notion of simplicity, and vice-versa. So neither complexity nor simplicity have any independent reality of their own.

I believe it be that everyone is complex in their own way, and we shouldn’t spend so much time trying to figure out why, but instead take the time to understand what our complexities are and how we can use them to our advantage.  The mind is complex and one’s experiences allow for the development of different views upon life which make us different beings.

Commonality is something we share based on our inconceivable notion to attempt to do what is considered right in life versus what is wrong.  For some there is a belief that sinning is bad, and others live by sinning and believe that no one is a saint, so they just try to live life in  a way that makes them feel good of themselves.

There truly isn’t anything that most of us can say that doesn’t involve complexity in a sense.  I mean for example: our relationships with family, friends, loved ones, associates, work, even pets are complicated.  As stated above it is very much true that simple and complex go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other.  Most of us fight with ourselves to achieve a better understanding of what is best suited for our lives, you can’t do better without knowing worse.

It has been my philosophy of life that difficulties vanish when faced boldly. – Isaac Asimov

Sometimes we can avoid complication, we complicate things ourselves, usually by hesitating to change our lives, when we know down inside that it is necessary.  When you face your fears, your life is subject to change, you have to set yourself free from yourself.  Simple things like pushing off what you can do today for tomorrow is prime example.  We have to set in our mind that what you can do today, must be accomplished today and do it with moderation.

You never want to over work yourself, try to find your balance of what can be done versus what needs to be done that day.  Face everything and run from nothing is my motto, you can live up to being a stronger individual if you try to live freely.  You only live once, so why would you need to live behind your fears?

Think of yourself as the lead actor in a featured film, the spotlight is on you and the only thing you can do is perform to the best of your ability.  It is way too hard to live in fear, versus living as a free spirit to soar as yourself.   Remember that you are not the only complex person in the world, so don’t feel bad if people you encounter don’t understand you, because someone will.

Enjoy you, Embrace you, Love you!