Now today’s entry is really interesting and at 1st glance I had to read it over several times myself, it appeared as a simple read, but is definitely in deep philosophical context.

Distaste for work and consequent deadness to inspiration often can be traced to a hatred of problems, ingrained since early childhood and probably the result of an educational system that emphasizes “solutions” rather than process.  It can be argued, on the other hand, that the mind instinctively loves problems, not only because it likes to draw its own conclusions but also for the sheer fun of venturing into something new.  To be open to inspiration, one must  cultivate a leaning for the problematic, a chronic attraction to things that do not totally fit, agree, or make sense.  Inspired ideas are less often solutions to old problems than newly discovered or totally reformulated problems–problems “created” like brilliant works of art.(Robert Grudin)

This can be broken down into various interpretations, and my own concludes that we should embrace problems that we encounter and focus on the process that is involved in correcting the problem.  We are taught to find a solution for our problems, but in most cases we ignore the process that we went through, as an end result we allow problems to become repetitive in existence.

Well I have some food for thought, consider some of the common problems that most people deal with like: weight management, relationships, and self-discipline.  When it comes to weight management, I believe that we all have a common understanding that the only true way to manage our weight is to eat healthier and smaller proportions.  From time to time we focus so much on a solution that doesn’t work for everyone, we tend to go on yo-yo diets one after the other.  The problem is that we aren’t truly prepared for the mental “process” that is necessary to get one to the solution of loosing weight.  It is the mental process that some would believe is the area that needs the focus more than the solution that varies from person to person.

Let’s talk about relationships, hmm these connections are so complicated, because we tend to make them complicated amongst many other things.  In most cases people have a somewhat specific type of friend, lover that they choose to limit themselves to.  Some instances people look for friends/ lovers who offer something opposite of themselves.  For example, let’s consider the type of friends that support your bad addictions or the girlfriend/boyfriend that is a bad girl or boy.  The process to grant a solution to me would be in broadening your horizons, allowing for various other types of friends/lovers to enter your life also.  The process of becoming open-minded when it comes to relationships is not going to be easy,  but it should be a lesson learned as it grants you more options to reduce the amount of problems that you experience from the same type of people.

Self-discipline is something we must develop and the process is the most important.  You can’t just wake up and have this be a result of something you dreamed of.  You must work diligently with yourself to create this to become  habitual.  The process of self-discipline allows for one to gain strong fundamentals, that will allow for you to avoid a sense of serial problems within your life.  I believe that some people assume that it is necessary to plan in order to see this through, however I feel it is way more important to focus on the day-to-day process and have confidence that this process is going to be hard but what you go through is more valuable than the end result.

In conclusion, I think it is fair to say that we shouldn’t be afraid of problems, however we should be smarter about avoiding the repetitive problems that we do have control over.  Making less problematic mistakes of this nature will make things much easier, when you encounter un-avoidable problematic situations.  As stated above by Robert Grudin problematic situations leave a great deal of room to be inspired.  To me it is the experience/process that one goes through where the inspiration can be gained.  Be conscious of what you go through, except the problems, fight through the problems and value experiences to further your control of finding your inspiration.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”(Albert Einstein)