Time heals everything in life, be patient and everything will fall into place. (Unknown Author)

It takes time to heal almost every wound that one encounters, whether it is mental or physical, and  it is very common for people to want or feel the need to have instant solutions or gratification.  Patience is virtue and with positive nurturing you may experience significantly lower amounts of stress, without worrying about stuff that time will take care of.

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. (John Quincy Adams)

Some would say that patience is something that you can learn from children, it is one of the things that becomes more of an obstacle as we grow older.  For me patience came naturally as a child, however now it seems to have become similar to a part-time job.  In knowing that life is something to be experienced and not taught, one’s tolerant behavior towards being patient to just allow uncontrollable events to happen is vital.

Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Think about things in terms of nature, everything is on a time scale.  In natural environments things grow and reproduce without the need of human intervention, but only the need of time.  Everything including inanimate objects are effected by time, animate objects have a lifespan and inanimate objects don’t have a lifespan, but are effected by time.  Time is what everything revolves around, so I ask why is it that we are constantly trying to defy what patience is intended for?

In a society where we are able to send a text message, email across the country within a matter of minutes.  In a day where we can have most things instantly without even leaving our homes, it makes sense as to why we are so eager to feel the need to have more at our own speed.  However there is always something that we can do to better ourselves in every situation, so I suggest that you read some tips that I have found on another WordPress blog called (brightdays).  These tips were very helpful for me, I suggest you utilize the brain food and enjoy the experience:

  • Acceptance. Being more empathetic to others is a great place to start. If someone cuts you off while driving, perhaps they have a sick child at home they are rushing to get medicine for. Perhaps the loud child in the store has a severe ear infection that is making him crankier than usual. Instead of assuming people are simply being rude to us, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they are dealing with a lot of stress themselves.
  • Remove judgments. Remind yourself that you are not Emperor of The World. No one appointed you to judge the best pace for walking through the store, the correct pace for learning something new, or the right sound levels for a friendly party. You are not the expert on traffic control, a parenting counselor, nor a time management professional. Leave that stuff to the specialists.
  • Question yourself. Ask yourself “Will getting angry about this long line be useful for me? Is there some way I can better spend my time?” Perhaps during a wait in the doctor’s office you can write a list for the grocery store, do a puzzle, or email a friend. Find opportunities to use your time more wisely and you will find the moments flying by much more pleasantly.
  • Identify your stressors. All of us are different and get upset for different reasons. Find out what issues and situations make it most difficult for you to stay focused and calm. Then come up with strategies to work with it. Can you grocery shop at an earlier hour when most people are still home? Can you eat out on a night like Monday or Tuesday so you aren’t surrounded by large crowds? Try a few options for your most irritating scenarios, and of course remind yourself to breathe deeply and stay in a positive state of mind.
  • Be happy. Happy people are simply less likely to get annoyed over the little things. Think about it. When you sleep in on the weekend, have lots of time to do things, and are well nourished, you are less inclined to react when a child is crying, or a waiter is rude, or your tasks take longer than expected. Take time for yourself and work on the goals for your happiness. Make sure that you are working on your own happiness goals and are scheduling fun and laughter into your day.
  • Give in to your anger. Unlike our initial thought, that giving in to our anger makes it bigger and meaner, in actuality giving in to anger often releases it. Many of us feel like we need to be happy and perfect all the time. But the truth is we all have moments when we are less than we wish to be. Accepting ourselves, flaws and all, is a path to contentment, peace and understanding. Patience is not the rejection of our anger or pain, but simply a redirection of that energy. Would you really rather focus on the five reasons you feel so mad, or find something better to occupy your mind?