“Any thing that lives longer becomes uninteresting unless there is a constant change in it.”(Unknown Author)

Good change is a sign of progressive growth, this is something that we should all experience.  There is not a single point in a person’s life to where they cannot turn their life around for the good.  People change when they have children, people change when they go to college, and people change when they are in a relationship.  I believe it to be essential to one’s character that he or she adapts to their situation of circumstance in order to prove this factor of inevitable growth.  Change proves to us that “we can”, and the idea behind “I can”, proves that you posses the will power to at least attempt to change.

“Change is one thing in life that is constant, if one isn’t prepared to accept change, one will be consigned to the dustbin of history.”(Unknown Author)

Relationships serve a very important responsibility to one’s life, they should project a positive influence upon one another.  You should feel influenced by your partner in a relationship, in such a way that you feel rejoiced and uplifted to enhance yourself.  We all serve the same purpose in life and that is to live and grow.  If you are afraid of change, then you will live stagnant and never understand the benefits of living a meaningful life.  Some countries live under a cast system; this is something that we take for granted and sometimes sabotage our minds into thinking that we are meant to be content with a minimal achievement.  You don’t have to live extravagantly, but you should know that you can always do better than what you are given and with positive change from old habits you will come to realize that life is continuum of change.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”(Albert Einstein)

Don’t be afraid of change, people may not like the change that you experience; however those who value you as a person will understand and know that it happens for a reason.  You have to grow to do what is best for you, when one grows intellectually it is sometimes assumed by others that you think you are better than he or she.  This assumption is usually an excuse for their lack of growth and respect of your change.  Don’t let people hold you back from change, because you don’t want to participate in your old habits with them doesn’t mean you think you are better.  It just means that you are growing to become better of a person for yourself and a wise friend would appreciate this.  Change is truly inevitable, so take head and continue to change for the good.