Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.(unknown Author)

Today is the day to say to yourself, “I don’t give a F*@#.”  Cause you know what in actuality people will respect you if you demand it, and if not they will walk all over you as if your opinion didn’t even exist to matter.  Fear not of being wrong, it is just as important as being right!  I say this because no one is always right and the more wrong you are at things shows that you are a real person.  The more willing you are to admit to being wrong proves that you are an even better person, I can’t begin to explain how I once really hated being wrong.  But now I bite the bullet and admit to it when I am wrong and it feels good to know that I have grown.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.(Unknown Author)

I also realized that when you have courage and conviction in yourself, no one can take away your pride.  You have to own the thought that you are the greatest, even when you don’t feel as such; that’s usually the moment when others attempt to put you down.  You must accept the fact that people will always try to break your character, as some may get satisfaction, and a boosted ego from this.  At the end of the day if you know you stand true to what you stand for, then put on an uplifting song and say I am strong and I will not be moved by anyone or anything.  With courage things around you that once appeared to be obstacles become minimal tasks.  Think of yourself as an ant in this big world, I mean compare yourself to the strength and power they have to build colonies and be so small in comparison to this gigantic world.

“God helps those who help themselves.”(Benjamin Franklin)

Help yourself be more confident, don’t wait around hoping that someone else will help you become more confident.  It is okay to seek help in this matter, but it isn’t okay to sit around and hope that someone will come to you and grant it.  Take the initiative to read more, learn more, comprehend more, live more, and love more.  These are general fundamentals that can give you an ego booster, which will allow you to understand that god will help you if you at least start the fight to prove yourself.  Never doubt yourself as it is just as wasteful of a thought as anger is an emotion of no need.  There truly is no point in submitting to the 2, as  in the end result there is no gain.  I find it quite interesting that we sometimes say that ” I ask myself why do I submit to the same bad habit everyday?”  and still we do as such.  Judge Pirro once stated in response to this question of a question, ” What does your other self answer?”,  the persons response was “I dunno”.  I strongly feel that in answering this for one’s self, that should be a red flag that you are submitting to something that serves you no better purpose than being angry and doubting yourself.