“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”(Abraham Graham Bell)

In the event that yesterday’s mistakes are buried under today’s events, however still exist visibly regretful and appear to be a hinderance amongst one’s soul.  It is essential to forget your past, but hold on to the feeling as a reminder of what the result caused one to endure, so the event isn’t repeated.  Day in and day out we find ourselves channeling into the past, which is something hard to ignore, especially when all experiences are tied together in our memory bank.

We must live by the thinking of great minds, and never blame ourselves in a regretful manner for the mistakes that we have come to surpass.  It is almost as one would be willing to live amongst self-defeat in doing so.  Every mistake that you make, whether it occurred years ago or today, is truly something that you must learn to embrace.

We feel and allow too many things to change our being, that we must not allow to depress us.  When I periodically feel sad or mildly depressed, I turn to food and most times it is the stuff that I wouldn’t regularly eat on a daily basis.  It is amongst this sanctuary of comfort food that helps me cope with, grants me enough time to mask the problem until I can come to terms with reality.

Sometimes it may require me to have a quick chat with a very noble friend on the matter, decide to read a good book, play some video games.  When you make mistakes that are regretful in a sense, we all must tap into our very own coping skills.  As it is our obligation to seek out what will and will not work for you, in order to deal with this problem faster than later.

“If we spend our time with regrets over yesterday, and worries over what might happen tomorrow, we have no today in which to live.”(Unknown Author)

Life experiences tend to challenge us in various different ways, it seems as though the bad ones feel to out weigh the good ones.  We will always live unbalanced lives, if we allow for it to constantly be this way.  The way we see things to be, should be the way we want them to be.  Therefore, living a miserable life based upon what you did in the past, will most likely develop into a seemingly lonely life, full of pessimistic beliefs, that trap you into becoming an individual who you don’t recognize, but somehow feel the need to accept.

Before you know it, you have no friends,  and you have put up walls that can only be taken down by your own will to do so.  Not only is this unfair to yourself, but you are unjustly forcing others to accept these characteristics, that put major strains on all your developed relationships, and those that are newly encountered.  So no to regrets, and negative changes caused by failed experiences, live by knowing you can always start new.