” Let your results speak for themselves, but do not speak of them.” (Chris Pappas)

Today is the day to be proactive and achieve results like never before.  It takes a confident, motivated, inspired, and committed individual to break free of all comfort zones; that is you.  You should always know that, no matter what you are going through and how you feel, these elements of strength can be found underneath the clutter of emotional stress.  Isn’t it time that you stop saying I want to.. and just do what you want to do, with no fear?  Results prove that you have started with great initiative  towards achieving what you want, and this is much more promising, than just a common thought.  Most people can’t get past the thought to even put forth effort in attempting to reach minimal goals.

I know you must be familiar with the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words”, well this stands a more relatable reason to hold yourself accountable to the promise of gaining results from your very well thought out ideas.  Anyone can come up with ideas, as it is what you invest into the idea that truly makes a difference.  Showcase your thoughts, by being productive in ways that demonstrate an eager and determined soul.  We all have something to prove, but we all may not prove it unto the world.  Fear keeps us from many endeavours in life, fear traps us like a bird in a cage; it cages our thought patterns to stay stagnant, then once our thoughts become un-caged they become lost amongst life’s confusion, unless we take action to express them.

” To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish, then resolve to pay the price to get it.” (Bunker Hunt)

Results are granted, by taking risks.  We are all risk takers by nature, at least from the time we are able to crawl.  From the time we are infants, we take risks by wandering around the household, we put objects in our mouths that we shouldn’t, we try to swallow toys that we shouldn’t, and so forth.  Explorations involves the risk of discovering new experiences.  Throughout the time that we are teens and become adults, we still take many risks and gambles with our future.  So I think it is essential to do so, in order to figure out what works for you and what practically doesn’t.  If one is passionate about something, there isn’t a better feeling than knowing that he or she invested time and effort into this passion.  As an end result you will always know that there is no regret, because you successfully attempted to follow your passion and received results, rather than only thinking about the act of doing, gaining nothing.