“Ambition doesn’t come from outside; it must come from within. If you don’t have a spark, you’ll never have a flame.” (Allan R. Mohammed)

Every great artist has a muse, which is considered by “The Free Dictionary by Farlex”, to be 1. A guiding spirit, 2. A source of inspiration.  Artist tap into dimensions of creativity that allow way for lucrative ideas of expression, as successful Business owners tap into wealthy ideas that turn into lucrative business ventures.  It all begins with a little bit of ambition on each of our behalves to get that spark into a flame.

“Ambition is like love, impatient both of delays and rivals.” (Sir John Denham)

Find your ambition by channeling your inner strengths and indulge on the thought of success.  You have to set goals and dream big, in order to push yourself to the next level of action.  No one has ever accomplished breaking barriers and defying obstacles by sitting around, so you must take all opportunities to overcome all stagnant moments in life.  One should start to ambitiously lead by example, rather than lead as a follower.

You have all the tools in life to understand the difference between leading and following, he who paves his own way in life, should be the one who leads others to follow.  Individual thinking is key, one can become misguided by following others way of thought, but you can find your own; by doing what your heart feels is true.  You must be eager, willing, prepared, and understanding, that all risks which lie ahead are ones that will leave great experiences.