There is no Challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself. (Michael F. Staley)

Make a difference in your life today, seek the virtuosity of believing in a better you.  Processing change is what we do along the way of life, improvements ideally involve for one to be undeniably aware that it is essential to one’s growth in character.  It takes time to cultivate yourself into the person you ultimately are intended to be, most things involving time may be a challenge to many, because patience is a hard to grasp.

I am challenged everyday by patience, there are so many things that I wanna do, but I am confident that in due time the pieces of the puzzle will fall together.  Every new day we are tested in various ways, it is not how we felt about these challenges yesterday that important, but instead what we will do to make ourselves better equipped to deal with them tomorrow.  When you aim to improve, you learn to endure, you also gain a sense of confidence that allows you to accept things as they come your way.

Considering that life has endless possibilities, the emphasis should be on bettering you.  I think it is better to know that you have overcome adversity, than to never face it at all.  Think of all the good and bad experiences that you have experienced, as they are the true backbone to your character.  If you are not able to adapt to all situations, then you aren’t willing to become better at living.

Life is better when one becomes a better friend, better relative, better lover, and better believer.  I believe that becoming better at being yourself, involves slow nurtured improvements.  You can make changes overnight, but without the confidence of knowing that you are truly better than the old you, then you may soon revert back to your old ways.  Remember that being better is living better, so don’t be afraid of improving yourself over time, nurture who you are and become better at being you.