As we all need a day-to-day push to keep us moving, as a car indulges in oil to keep it parts flowing without friction.  I found myself reading an interesting book this morning that I indulge in from time to time to obtain ideas.  The book is highly philosophical, and it helps me think on deep levels.  I have truly come to appreciate deep thinking, as it serves as therapy for better understanding for me.

From reading an excerpt from the book titled, “The Grace of Great Things, creativity and innovation,” I have come to an interesting conclusion.  That inspiration cannot be developed without pure will to accept new-found discoveries.  The book stated that: “While The word inspiration suggests a flood of new awareness from within, the word discovery suggests the achievement of new awareness as a result of contact with the outside world.”

I believe that it is common knowledge, that discovery entails new findings, as it is okay to say that there isn’t much surprise in somethings expected.  So ask yourself why isn’t it important to want to do more than the usual?  You are born to discover, so why not be willing to inspire and be inspired?  We must accept all new things that are thrown our way, developing an open mind to all knowledgeable gains is key to feeling good.  Discover the light of inspiration, you have nothing to lose, except for the opportunity to discover a new you.

If you are reading this, then you must be bright, talented, unpredictable, fun, energetic, reasonable, understanding, motivated, and inspired.  Today you should revolutionize your new-found ways of enlightenment and take life its next level of embarkment.  Make discovery your new-found inspiration, as you shall always discover new ideas, actions, and ways of living freely upon your open soul.  Don’t let opportunities to utilize your discoveries become undermined by fear of the unknown outcome.  Let faith be your guidance, you must believe in discovering better days, it is destiny.  Will as you must, grow as you will, believe as you must.