He that can have patience can have what he will. (Benjamin Franklin)

Patience is truly the essence of endurance, we spend our entire lives waiting to achieve our dreams and goals.  It is at a random moment that things we don’t particularly want to happen to us, happen.  With patience we are granted the ability to endure and overcome.  I have come to realize that patience is slowly developed, while becoming mature.  It dawned on me the other day, that you must be a mature individual in order to be granted  patience.  Patience is a mindset that is often hard to grasp, therefore the lack of maturity will not allow for this mindset to be developed.

What I like about patience, is that it has no negative repercussions, and it simply helps one adjust to all situations.  Adapting to situations as we all know can be a trying task, but with a little patience, we can endure the moment in exchange for the conclusion.  The main reason that I feel patience goes hand in hand with maturity, is due to the fact that: as we grow older, we tend to move at a slower pace and we gain a sense of appreciation for life.  The wisdom that is granted by old age, is by far a great aspect to look forward to and is truly something precious.