It is impossible to be a hero in anything unless one is first a hero in faith. (Jacobi)

I would love to be a hero someday, I consider myself to be on the path leading in the right way.  But faith is something that can’t be brought and it is something that is constantly tested for most of us.  I find that People tend to question their faith when encountering a problem, but instead of questioning one’s faith, we should question our actions instead.  We sometimes act spontaneously, erratically,  and irrationally to things that are sometimes out of our control.  If we are true heroes in faith, then we would not question the fact that everything is going to be okay.

People think I’m disciplined. It is not discipline. It is devotion. There is a great difference. (Luciano Pavarotti)

In our deepest moments of despair, we must find comfort in channeling our faith as a guiding light through the dark.  Faith is extremely valuable in helping us through rough times, as no one person or object can heal the pain, more than faith in having the patience to allow time to heal it best.  It not only feels good to be convinced that faith will heal all, but being able to hold onto this conviction is such a great gift to have.  It makes visions of happiness, become much more clear.

We are as devoted to things that we will.  One can only devote to something he/she believes in, find it within your beliefs to devote to what you have faith for.  If you are convinced that you will someday find love, then devote to loving all whom you come into contact with.   This way you will not overlook the one you seek to find.  You have to experience bad in order to know what is good, just as it takes devotion to be convinced in faith.