We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. (Sam Keen)

Everyone has flaws, but we all tend to find methods of masking these flaws and creating an overall package that depicts us as something close to perfection.  Growth is a driving force, that catapults one into becoming content with the understanding that god has created us in a way such that we are able to evolve into strong, knowledgeable beings.

We are born to love and nurture as human beings, but it is what happens during our stages of growth, upon which we become a product of our individual up bringing.  It is not fair to believe that one individual is more perfect in comparison to all humanity, but I think it is very much okay to consider an imperfect being to be perfect for you.  What I mean is that you equate this person to be ideal for you, in other words, it would indicate that he/she is a match of equal comparison to yourself.

We are as rich in character as we choose to be, development of whom we represent can always be worked on.  As I believe it to be, imperfection is the most beautiful part of existence.  Our imperfect differences allow for opposites to attract, I find that I tend to surround myself with people who are different then I am, because I appreciate diversity of differences.

As I find myself  to be quite a knowledgeable individual, I used to let my flaws get the best of me.  It became so essential and it should be essential for you to learn to see the imperfect person that you exist to be perfectly.  Learn to know yourself, understand yourself, respect yourself; if you can’t love yourself, then you won’t be able to love anyone else.