Love is a Behavior and not an emotion!

One’s actions are most valuable, in an evaluation of one’s love for his or her partner.  When someone treats you good, love should nurture into a sure thing, well at-least in my eyes. Of course emotions are involved in love, but I feel behavior is what is truly affected by the reactions of love.  If one treats the one who they love as they would an old garmet to be thrown away, it very much reflects one of two things.  One being that they have no respect for themselves and as a result they treat you how they feel on the inside.  Secondly it is possible that they truly don’t love you.  Some would argue my belief that people do change, and are capable of growth beyond measure.  From my experience, I believe that everyone is capable of change, as it all depends on having the right person introduced into your life to make this true.

If you want better, you have to do better.  In order to receive better, one must know better, and this comes from listening to reality.  Our conscious never lies, we choose to live in denial, in order to sometimes make things work.  This involves making better choices in choosing the company that you choose to keep around.  Negative energy is very much something that can rub off onto you, if you allow it into your chambers of life.  Love sometimes involves letting go of situations that you know deep down inside your soul, isn’t something feasible.  I feel that you must learn how to love yourself first.  Once you figure out how to do this, then you will be able to conclude how you want to be loved.