Humor helps us to think out of the box. The average child laughs about 400 times per day, the average adult laughs only 15 times per day. What happened to the other 385 laughs? (Unknown)

Not sure how accurate these facts are above, however they are really interesting.  I think we have a lot to learn from each other in general.  But when I think of my childhood, I remember happiness, blissfulness, and curiosity.  By the time I became an adult, It had seemed as though I had handed my sense of joy over to the lost and found.

As we all have learned, wisdom does go along with age, sometimes the older implies the wiser.  But there are various things, that we can learn from children, that we tend to neglect on a daily basis.  Laughing is something that children understand, and tend to have in common with one another.  It is essential for most kids to smile, laugh, yearn to play, explore, become curious, want to be loved, and enjoy being nurtured by a warm heart.

We have so much to account for in our daily lives, that we allow for these things to get lost amongst the midst of juggling tasks.  Children offer such a carefree outlook onto the world, that if we learn to channel this same outlook, we could find a bit of peace.  Don’t worry be happy, I can’t say that I am free from worry, but I am definitely striving for such a thing, and I will never give up on finding it.

I believe that if we take everyday in strides, the good with the bad, then our everyday struggles will eventually become a part of the past.  It is very much possible, that we  can learn to add a little laughter and a yearning to play more often throughout our days, in order to stay afloat amongst trying times.

We tend to forget that humor can save us from a bad day, humor is a subjective act of humility that can truly make a person smile, while granting individuals a moment of rejuvenation. If no one can humor you, find humor within yourself.   It’s very much okay to laugh at your own mistakes, no one person is perfect.  We are all imperfect beings, existing in the pursuit for our perfect idea of happiness.