Emotions teach lessons, whether they are hurtful or soothing.  We are all emotional beings, you can coerce emotion out of an individual, in just about any situation possible. When you don’t feel, you don’t learn. When you don’t live, you don’t love.

Life is an experience, if you don’t take the time out of your life to include what you love, then you aren’t living a life of necessary experience.  A loving experience could be a relationship, between a sister ,brother, mother, son, father, and so forth.  Everyone needs to be loved, and if we all do our parts to share love, then the world would become what we need it to be.

Below are some questions and insight, that I have come up with, just to get your mind thinking about some of your experiences.

Would you rather experience love or never feel it at all?

–Love has an acquired taste, it is also exquisite to some, and toxic to others.

Would you rather experience the occasional hard times or never experience anything at all?

~~To never experience failure, is to never experience success, and to never experience bad, is to never experience good.

Would you rather be born blind and never know what it is like to experience sight at all or become suddenly blind, so that you have at least obtained a memory of what it once felt like to see the people and things you love?

~~Sight is an amazing god given gift, with sight we are capable of seeing beautiful images that help shape our lives.