Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers. (Robert Ingersoll)

Hope for long, hope for big, hope for fun, hope for happy and most certainly hope for all.  There is light at the end of your dark days, and there is a rainbow at the end of your rainy storms.  Believe and be faithful to those great thoughts of good things to come, you are never destined to forever live without better days.  Hoping is a cure, it is the best way to steady ones mind, and to overcome thoughts of doubt.  You are undoubtingly stronger than you think, and a whole lot stronger than you know.  We are built to endure, hope for the best, reach for the cure, and live for the long run.

Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier. (Anonymous)

I doubt because I am sometimes leery of my faith, I am leery of my faith, because I am sometimes insecure in my beliefs.  I have come to realize, that this is maybe common amongst us all, as it is always easier to doubt than it is to put faith to work, solely because doubting requires no effort at all.  You must own and live by faith, as there is nothing more rewarding, than having all things fall into place as you believed them to happen.  Knowing that hard times are inevitable, can give you a platform to conceptually understand that, we are all in this fight of life together.