Purity of mind and idleness are incompatible. (Mahatma Gandhi)

It is sometimes hard to do multiple things at once, but it is even more difficult to have a pure and clear thought process and be idle.  I find myself in an idle space of mind from time to time, and sometimes it is really hard to gather ideas for my blogs entries.  Moods change like the weather, as the wind blows one great thought is replaced by a moment of cluelessness.  The moment of cluelessness, most times is summarized, by the thought of where to begin?  It is most likely within this stagnant instant, that you find yourself not able to conclude a beginning, and it is often best to just start writing down ideas.  I suggest to atleast write down stuff, that you can dwell on over time, let the magic of creativity play it’s role.

Prolonged idleness paralyzes initiative. (Unknown source)

Without initiative there is no meaningful conclusion.  You cannot conclude what you have not attempted, nor knock what you have not tried.  You can choose to want what you do not have, but you should not have what you do not want.  The moment you become content with being idle and not wanting more for yourself, is the moment you paralyze initiative.  Train yourself to do as you want and will as you need.  At some point in your life, I believe there was a time where you sought for things you had a passion for.  Just because you may have hit a roadblock, that can be removed, doesn’t mean you still can’t achieve it.  Don’t ever take no for an answer, unless you saying no to drugs, then it’s okay.  We are sometimes to hard on ourselves, sometimes we need to just live expressively, love endlessly, will as we need it be.