Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do. (Benjamin Spock)

Trust in you, rely in you, and never doubt in you.  Never let someone else’s life’s accomplishments make you feel less adept.  I have met some of the most talented, bright and confident people, who lack common sense.  Note there is always something about you that makes you relevant, and never pale in comparison.  When you allow yourself not to trust in you, you have un-doubtingly submitted to defeating yourself blindly.  The lack of trust in any endeavour, can make way for wrong decision-making.  I would prefer to confidently make a wrong decision, than to not trust my decision-making and make a wrong decision.

You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible. (Anton Chekhov)

You cannot do it all on your own, everyone needs a trustworthy helping hand at some point in life.  Your own hand is very helpful, but another’s hand can truly help life seem much more possible.  The company you keep, should be the company you love and value, what’s the sense of keeping bad friends around?  People who value you, will show you that they do so, and the little things should never be overlooked.  Good friends are hard to come by these days, I am sure we all can attest to this.  When you need help, ask for it, holding back only makes way for regrets, and no good can come of that.