Live within the moment of becoming the ultimate being that you are destined to be.  Life is challenge and obstacles, we act as strangers to change, when we are not able to understand the reason behind the challenge.  You must come to a realization, that you are truly not the only one going through what you are going through.  Somewhere off in this big world, there is someone less fortunate, someone experiencing the same problem you are.  If we fail to comprehend this, then it becomes more likely that faith of better days will become a much bigger stress, than need be.

It is for the better good, that we condition ourselves to sustain our resilience of overcoming all this is changeable.  Within the grand scheme of things, life is truly what you make.  If you want to be sour for your outcomes, optimistic about what you can do next; then at the end of the day it is up to you to feel how you want to feel, live as you want to live.  The choice is always yours, so don’t worry be happy.