It is within our greatest needs to be appreciated, in order for others to understand this, it is necessary to show them how you want to be appreciated.  You have qualities, that you should never let anyone ignore, try to challenge your lifestyle to become something that you want it to be.  You share what you want to be respected for,  as you will always continue to make changes to your life, as you grow.  No one can stop your hustle for bettering thyself, unless you grant them the power to do so. 

Undermining your sought out duties, is like selling yourself for the least possible bidding price at an auction.   As long as you know, that your true function is to evolve as a being, then any uncertain decision-making will become lessons of empowerment.  Good people appreciate good deeds, and as a person of good company you will learn to do onto others as you want done unto yourself.  If you can’t at least get this from the company you keep, then just maybe it is time for an (interfriend-tion) lol.  Yes it’s not a real word, but rather a spin-off of the word, Intervention!  

Try sitting down with people who treat you bad and discuss matters that bother you, compromising isn’t easy, but it is worth the effort of attempting to keep someone whom you consider a friend around.  Sometimes people may not even realize you have a problem with how they treat you,  and better yet they may have problems with the way they treat their friends in general, and they are working on becoming better at it, but were ashamed to even bring it up.  As there is an old saying, “A closed mouth, won’t get fed.”  So remember communication is key!