To experience someone else’s challenges, is to walk in their shoes, which implies that you understand why they are the way they are.  I personally feel that this would be hard to accomplish, if you don’t truly understand why you are the way that you are! 

Hence, let today be the day that you are, become rejoiceful for being alive.  You are granted things, that others would love to have, life is a precious gift on its own, please remember that.  Your days are not limited unless you make them to be, note to self-love is the answer to pressing on in life.  You have to love yourself in order to even want to live a fulfilling life, you are in fact as valuable as gold is to a miner.  

I mean, just think of what and where you could be, if you weren’t where you are today?  There are places and things that you may consider as good options; those that you would consider to be bad options.  But the truth is, god has a plan for you and it is the blueprint of your very own construction, everything can be altered with your willingness to change outcomes.  I totally agree with the fact that, it is hard to see what is to come, when you don’t understand what is happening now. 

The reality is that, you must believe in the fact that with patience, comes understanding and just maybe with time you will become a believer in better days.  Just live the best way you know how, and appreciate what you have.   Because walking in someone else’s shoes maybe even harder than you think, everyone has their problems, so there is never a need for you to add to them.