Do the thing that makes you feel the exact way that you want to feel, the right feel and texture that defines who you are intended to be.  It’s hard existing in a world where things don’t exist to matter,  but rather matter to exist.  Existence is to be spent learning, nurturing and absorbing the needs and wants for thyself. 

The right thing for each individual varies in very different ways, passionate feelings of becoming something ultimate in life can become overwhelming at times.  Perseverance in having and striving for the highest and strongest faith in life, is a job on its own.  While the continual commitment of  understanding and sustaining all components involved in doing what is right for thyself, is another job. 

 Daily motivation is truly a great asset to have, when you are trying to do the right thing.  Finding this should be as simple as doing what you love to do on a daily basis.  I became overwhelmed with the amount of tasks that, I had committed to and so I put writing on hold.  This totally bummed me out, and made me lose part of my vision of committment.  I realized that I was losing control of  my commitment ideals, when I went a couple of days without blogging, which led to a week and that really boggled my mind.  But, fact of the matter is, I am on track now and pressing on with my destiny.  So, continue to do the right thing and knock those roadblocks down, live your life.