We are reluctantly driven to seldomely pay attention to the fact that, objects along with people equate to what we mentally invest them to be.  The idea of buying a Gucci watch versus a less expensive watch, is all about interpretation.  For someone who is not conciously bound to luxury labels, I think it is safe to say, that this type of person would consider the less expensive watch to be a very feasible buy.  While the conciously luxury label invested individual would find the less expensive watch to not be an option.   Simply due to the thought that it is cheaper; Therefore in this persons mind, the watch is less of an luxury item, which in various cases this is found to be false.  

Now, I am not at all saying that one shouldn’t spend money on Gucci items, but I am saying that a watch is a watch.  If you were buying the watch for it’s purpose of telling time, then you wouldn’t be bound to spending money on a watch for it’s luxury name and price.  When we invest a big portion of meaning into people and things, we lose a part of ourselves.  It becomes very easy to pick up bad habits of over investing into people and things, that usually only momentarily makes us feel good. 

Investing in anything, allows it to matter to you and this grants it  the power of meaning.  Just like the old saying goes: “Life is what you make it”.  I truly feel that, “Meaning is what you invest in it”.  If you invest little or no emotion into a person, then they mean little or nothing emotionally to you, vice versa.  It is important that we invest in what will make us better, and what will allow us to learn good values of life.  Like investing time and effort in living a simple and fun lifestyle.  I mean it is truly interesting to know that, a luxury item, V.I.P. wouldn’t exist to be that, if you didn’t invest it to mean that.