Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts.
(Charles Dickens)

Better influences, start with you exemplifying what it means to be an all around good person.  We are all faced with difficulty, we can all overcome what we face and fear.  There is absolutely no need to disrupt someone else’s  day, because yours was turned upside down.  Carry what you will as you set out to venture in todays atmosphere, but please leave your angry baggage @ home. 

We were all born into this world on a happy note, well at least we can agree that most newborns appear to be happy.  The loud cries of joy, the everlasting  smiles from ear to ear and the pure conscious of innocence.  Hmm, thinking back to those days, makes me feel some  kind of way, even though I can’t recall the moments.  It seems to be  partially a familiar feeling, and also a feeling that I wish I could actually recall moment by moment.  It is truly one of those things, that brings most people to smile, when they see a newborn full of life.

I find that most children find a way to create a world of joy within their imagination.  Just maybe us adults should imagine some things also.  It is fair to explore our concious on levels of fairytales and wishes.  Sometimes escaping reality, creates a new reality.  I mean it is very much okay, to believe that your job is the best job in the world, when it may actually be just a job to you.  You have to attain happiness, from what you are dealt, and use this to either jump to another platform in life, make the best of the one you are already standing on.  Glide along the path that suits your true purpose in life, let things fall into place as you take risks and love the decisions you make.