Do everything as you want to do it.  Be as you will, promote happiness as you will, teach as you will, and achieve as you will.  There is absolutely no doubt, that you will progress @ god’s speed.  Cherish every moment spent towards your continuously developing life story.
The weak rely on the world and the strong constantly collide with the world in order to constantly pave new paths of doing new things.  If things become dark and weary, then you must think bright and hopeful.  With confidence, there is absolutely no such thing as doubt, believe it and it will exist.  Mind over matter, and beliefs over distractions.

Accepting an opinion that conflicts with your own beliefs, is an agreement that may carry over to become a believable truth.  Upon which acceptance was placed into your thought pattern and you allowed it a space in your mind.  It is always okay to agree to disagree, but never condition your thoughts to accept views about you, that will cause you to be less confident.  For this only you can decide, what is denial and what is truth!