I found something interesting from my daily “Libra” horiscope and it said to sort challenges into those that frustrate and those that inspire, then tackle both.  This to me is a great way to view and consider life’s challenges as temporary growing pains, and the better way to visualize this is to divide & conquer.  We must not fray from what can be broken down into pieces, but instead we must stick around to put the pieces back together in order to recieve what is to come of your efforts.

Dividing & Conquering is a way of life, upon which you can utilize this by customizing whatever you are faced with to work in your favor.   Completing tasks in my everyday life, is something that makes me feel great.   A strategic approach to all situations isn’t always the best route to take, some of the best solutions found are the ones stumbled upon.  No one plans their challenges, they just happen and when they happen you must just happen to divide the tasks and conquer them.

I think that people become invincible the moment they are faced with despairity.  We challenge ourselves when we face ourselves, and sometimes we need to be divided and conquered by ourselves in order to understand how ourselves work.  For me the best part of a puzzle, is putting it together, in the end you are satisfied with the conclusion, but I think the process is what makes it interesting.  One problem at a time is key, different solutions work for different people and I have realized that for me the best resolution is the one day/one problem @ a time approach.  We must resolve issues that we have with ourselves, by learning to understand ourselves and trusting in the fact that we are just born this way.