Smiling is something that can give one inspiration, happiness, confidence, and a familiar sense of feeling.  Experiences make us who we are today, we take the good with the bad and the ugly days along with the beautiful ones.  It is essential to everyones soul to find happiness amongst all odds and spread this happiness amongst the world.  It was once stated by a noble soul, that it is better to give than to recieve. 

It feels good to recieve, but the feeling of being capable, and adequate enough to provide the gift of giving is heartfelt on many different levels.  In many countries, the most valuable gift of giving, is being able to share your food with another.  For some this is something that is overlooked, but the idea of sharing has it’s essential purpose in every element of life.  We were created to share and help others, as those good deeds done will result in a better understanding of what it takes to make us all get along better.

Happy is what happy does.  Treat yourself to a dose of pure and natural happiness.  So go get high off of your own or someone elses happy moments.  Sharing is absolutely caring, energy radiates through you and onto others, just as light reflects it’s radiance amongst the world to help things grow.  Live in the moment and smile all the time is just the way to be.