It’s time to empty out your closet of regrets and begin a journey as a new person.  Don’t allow limited, inhibited beliefs to construct a narrow-minded experience of learning.  We are taught to follow what has already been created, as it is supposedly believed to be easier than creating something new. 

Considering, it takes risk, confidence, strength, and motivation to perform in a great way, this will ultimately allow you to explore your abilities in a new way.  Time spent in the development of ones thoughts is just as valuable as understanding that it takes more than just a thought to devise a plan to conquer the world.  When you develop thoughts, they become factors that are devised by a formula or a well thought out strategy.

Your past is your presence, as it stands at a moments glance, what you have just created will be embedded in your past.  When thinking of history, we sometimes think of moments from long ago.  In actuality we are all a walking piece of history, and every move we make will come to pass and soon become a matter of yesterday. 

 The thought of the unknown can become a journey that is fearful, but as long as you maintain faith in positive outcomes, the results will stand as tall as you believe them to be.  Your daily activities exist as destiny, if we all had the option to paint a picture of the way we want our lives to be from beginning to end; then there would be no room for experiences that make us individually stronger.  So let things be painted as they happen and not how you think they should.