We sometimes find ourselves analyzing what decisions we have previously made and what decisions need to be made.  Carefully evaluating all of your experiences is something to seriously consider, as you can learn bundles by revisiting the lesson learned to find overlooked lessons to be learned. 

 I think that it is very difficult to look past the fact that you don’t feel important, if no one shows or tells you this from time to time.  I think it is fair for a person to want a reward for his/her efforts, considering companies receive their rewards from your hardworking efforts. 

I want you to Dwell on these answers, as they pertain to the bigger picture, which is what you will gain:   

1.  You are in this situation because you chose to be!  Everything starts and begins with a decision made, make your decisions count towards what you really want them to.  Do what is necessary to get out of this situation!

2.  You are in it to learn a thing or two!  Knowledge gained is something that can be regurgitated for better purposes of use.  The purpose of life is to advance yourself and grow.

 3.  You are in this situation because you and your family are getting paid for it!  Are you working for the dollar or the recognition?  No matter what field of work you are in, I think that one will always feel underpaid at some point.  It is essential to figure out what means the most to you in a job?