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You can do anything!

“Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.” ~Unknown~

It’s time to Excuse yourself from making excuses.  You can defy all odds, if you utilize the tools of life that have brought you this far, success is right across the river.   Everything intended to happen, will eventually take its place in your world.  Through our weaker moments in life, we must promise ourselves that things will get better.  We must deal with things as they happen, confront our fears of change and allow ourselves to accept what happens to be okay.

  Dwelling on things once lost, only grants sorrow and heartache.  It is okay to reminisce the past, but living in the past is just as damaging as not dealing with the present.  Considering that you have one life to live, why not try new ways of living; healthier eating, traveling for the soul, learning for personal growth e.t.c.  We can always use a little improvement, the mind never stops working, so why should you?

“Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”Thomas Edison
You are closer to achieving your goals than you think, If you can dream it, then you can most certainly achieve it.  Spending time on your craft, is the best investment in your future.  At any given moment outcomes may alter, but your will must be in tact.
Your commitment towards achieving excellence requires all of your efforts.
Look at your future as a glass jar full of options, where one option doesn’t work, the other becomes feasible.  Focus on what’s going on now, in order to create a platform that will balance out your future.  Start everyday with an optimistic outlook,  rest assure in your committed faith of better days, and options.  If you aren’t successful, keep trying until you get what you want, starting over is never a bad thing.  It’s actually a very intelligent thing to do, as it proves that you are determined, faithful, worthy, and willing to achieve greater opportunities.
“The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.”Abraham Lincoln

What’s up with the wait?

I constantly find myself trying to figure out what it is that I ultimately want t do with my life, as the time just seems to pass on by!!  My biggest road block is too many options, which makes it hard for me to zone in on the best choice.  So I have decided to forget about the best choice,  and I began utilizing time by investing in various projects as a solution.   I have found this to be a great aid in helping me figure out what works and what doesn’t, as long as I  don’t spread myself too thin.

You don’t know what you are capable of doing, until you actually attempt to do something.  Put your thoughts into action, and things will fall in place.  You don’t need a master plan, you can build and develop better ideas as you go along.

Trying is where the will lies, you can do a little everyday.  You will be surprised at the motivation that can be gained from knowing you have taken initiative to start a long’ly delayed project.  Metaphorically speaking, it is quite amazing that you can plant small seed and a giant tree can grow from this.  The same concept applies to you taking a small idea and turning it into something functionally amazing.

Freely removed from yesterday, my senses are heightened, my vision is clearer, this couldn’t possibly be a better time for change.  This is the year to set goals and accomplish all that you desire.  

Consider your goals a career, when you faulter at living up to your responsibilities, then you fail at living.  A major part of living is to enjoy life, one’s success at this can be easily measured by the level of happiness.  No one is always happy, but people who enjoy life strive for daily happiness. 

If you want more, go get more.  If you want change, then become change.  If you want Knowledge, attain it.  You are the only one holding yourself back from reaching the next level in your life.  We are all complex beings, with complex experiences, that we can utilize to our advantage, in order to gain a lead on the competition. 

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