I constantly find myself trying to figure out what it is that I ultimately want t do with my life, as the time just seems to pass on by!!  My biggest road block is too many options, which makes it hard for me to zone in on the best choice.  So I have decided to forget about the best choice,  and I began utilizing time by investing in various projects as a solution.   I have found this to be a great aid in helping me figure out what works and what doesn’t, as long as I  don’t spread myself too thin.

You don’t know what you are capable of doing, until you actually attempt to do something.  Put your thoughts into action, and things will fall in place.  You don’t need a master plan, you can build and develop better ideas as you go along.

Trying is where the will lies, you can do a little everyday.  You will be surprised at the motivation that can be gained from knowing you have taken initiative to start a long’ly delayed project.  Metaphorically speaking, it is quite amazing that you can plant small seed and a giant tree can grow from this.  The same concept applies to you taking a small idea and turning it into something functionally amazing.