“Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.” ~Unknown~

It’s time to Excuse yourself from making excuses.  You can defy all odds, if you utilize the tools of life that have brought you this far, success is right across the river.   Everything intended to happen, will eventually take its place in your world.  Through our weaker moments in life, we must promise ourselves that things will get better.  We must deal with things as they happen, confront our fears of change and allow ourselves to accept what happens to be okay.

  Dwelling on things once lost, only grants sorrow and heartache.  It is okay to reminisce the past, but living in the past is just as damaging as not dealing with the present.  Considering that you have one life to live, why not try new ways of living; healthier eating, traveling for the soul, learning for personal growth e.t.c.  We can always use a little improvement, the mind never stops working, so why should you?