Either you dwell in the past, or move on to the next chapter in your life.  Yesterday can be undone, with a new approach for conquering today.  Worrying about things that have already taken place, is like holding yourself hostage.   That usually results in compensation of no reward, unless you consider guilt to be one.  We tend to hold ourselves to standards that we develop through out our journey of learning.  These standards should be consistent of options, we must give ourselves a break from time to time.

I am one who firmly stands behind the ideal of self-expression and continual acceptance of one’s ways.  I like living on the edge at times, it makes me feel liberated and free.  From the time we attend our 1st day of grade school things become structured and the societal way of living becomes more of a pressuring tactic to live  a so-called normal life.  Everyday you awake to an opportunity for you to break free from what you didn’t totally agree with yesterday, but chose to accept, as it seemed to be the right decision.  Live as a free bird and allow your new day to be a fresh start for change.