In life there are things one can tolerate and things that we will and should not allow ourselves to deal with.  When you come to realize that the truly most important things in life are family and friends, you will find your way to peace and happiness.

This struggle or thing that we call life can be quite a treacherous journey and that’s where friends and family come in to save the day.  We think that we can handle it all and are invincible at times, but in actuality we are just vulnerable human beings. 

In order to be helped one needs to be understood, in order to understood one must be capable of relating. We all walk similar paths in life and come from similar backgrounds.  If one truly cares for the people he/she is surrounded by, that individual will find a way to relate and lend a shoulder to help.  Those who were there for you before, will be there for you tomorrow.  

“You never understand a person, until you consider things from his/her point of view.

Unknown Author”