One’s very own perception of self is a reflection that can sometimes be misinterpreted.  We are not always in tune with or  aware of these messages that we showcase to the world, especially when our actions speak louder than words.  Allowing anyone/anything to continue to be a crutch in your life can conclude as weak representation of self.  When you can’t take a stand for yourself, vulnerabilities become a sought out method of weakness; which then makes it easy for individuals to treat you as they please.  By granting no individual advocacy, how can you possibly expect others to perceive you as the person you want to represent?

Confidence is key, if you present yourself in such a way that reflects total understanding/respect of your identity, then others will have no control over your perception.  Share what you want to be a part of your picture presentation and keep what makes you a mystery to yourself.  Consider a the idea that what makes a book interesting,  is probably the mystery in the reading.   You won’t truly know what’s inside until you decide to take the journey of discovering it’s contents.  Your decision to continue reading until the very end, is a result of your interpretation of the developing story.  If you never gained an interest of what is to be concluded at the end,  then you most likely were not enticed by what was shared.

Know your own WORTH or you’ll never be VALUED!!! If someone isn’t ADDING positivity to your life then they need to be SUBTRACTED!!! Unknown author