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Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.
Vince Lombardi

Losing is a learning experience and winning is the acknolwedgement/recognition of learniing.  Perspectively looking forward in terms of results.  Consider the thought that there isn’t much difference between 1st and 2nd place in a competition.  Coming in 2nd place just confirms that you were the 1st person to lose the battle for winning 1st place.  But at the end of the long haul, you will be able to comprehend the lesson shared.  People win and lose everyday, after winning or losing it would be one’s greatest feat to want to win more. 

Ones thoughts have been said to be metaphorically capable of moving mountains, hmm I guess that means that our thought put to action, in turn become Super Man (lol).  It is very important to understand that all thoughts matter, as they exist to serve as a invaluable motivating force behind one’s various forms of expression.  You are responsible for making your mark on the world, so it’s time to brand the new you, the more thought concious you.  Today is the day to want, to yearn, to need and not to fear wanting to win.  As this is more important to some than actually winning, remember to always put your mind over matter.  Your state of mind is everything that you make it, you are responsible for developing a way to be content with striving for more, more and oh yeah more 🙂   


What’s in it for you?

We sometimes find ourselves analyzing what decisions we have previously made and what decisions need to be made.  Carefully evaluating all of your experiences is something to seriously consider, as you can learn bundles by revisiting the lesson learned to find overlooked lessons to be learned. 

 I think that it is very difficult to look past the fact that you don’t feel important, if no one shows or tells you this from time to time.  I think it is fair for a person to want a reward for his/her efforts, considering companies receive their rewards from your hardworking efforts. 

I want you to Dwell on these answers, as they pertain to the bigger picture, which is what you will gain:   

1.  You are in this situation because you chose to be!  Everything starts and begins with a decision made, make your decisions count towards what you really want them to.  Do what is necessary to get out of this situation!

2.  You are in it to learn a thing or two!  Knowledge gained is something that can be regurgitated for better purposes of use.  The purpose of life is to advance yourself and grow.

 3.  You are in this situation because you and your family are getting paid for it!  Are you working for the dollar or the recognition?  No matter what field of work you are in, I think that one will always feel underpaid at some point.  It is essential to figure out what means the most to you in a job?

It’s time to empty out your closet of regrets and begin a journey as a new person.  Don’t allow limited, inhibited beliefs to construct a narrow-minded experience of learning.  We are taught to follow what has already been created, as it is supposedly believed to be easier than creating something new. 

Considering, it takes risk, confidence, strength, and motivation to perform in a great way, this will ultimately allow you to explore your abilities in a new way.  Time spent in the development of ones thoughts is just as valuable as understanding that it takes more than just a thought to devise a plan to conquer the world.  When you develop thoughts, they become factors that are devised by a formula or a well thought out strategy.

Your past is your presence, as it stands at a moments glance, what you have just created will be embedded in your past.  When thinking of history, we sometimes think of moments from long ago.  In actuality we are all a walking piece of history, and every move we make will come to pass and soon become a matter of yesterday. 

 The thought of the unknown can become a journey that is fearful, but as long as you maintain faith in positive outcomes, the results will stand as tall as you believe them to be.  Your daily activities exist as destiny, if we all had the option to paint a picture of the way we want our lives to be from beginning to end; then there would be no room for experiences that make us individually stronger.  So let things be painted as they happen and not how you think they should.

Smiling is something that can give one inspiration, happiness, confidence, and a familiar sense of feeling.  Experiences make us who we are today, we take the good with the bad and the ugly days along with the beautiful ones.  It is essential to everyones soul to find happiness amongst all odds and spread this happiness amongst the world.  It was once stated by a noble soul, that it is better to give than to recieve. 

It feels good to recieve, but the feeling of being capable, and adequate enough to provide the gift of giving is heartfelt on many different levels.  In many countries, the most valuable gift of giving, is being able to share your food with another.  For some this is something that is overlooked, but the idea of sharing has it’s essential purpose in every element of life.  We were created to share and help others, as those good deeds done will result in a better understanding of what it takes to make us all get along better.

Happy is what happy does.  Treat yourself to a dose of pure and natural happiness.  So go get high off of your own or someone elses happy moments.  Sharing is absolutely caring, energy radiates through you and onto others, just as light reflects it’s radiance amongst the world to help things grow.  Live in the moment and smile all the time is just the way to be.

I found something interesting from my daily “Libra” horiscope and it said to sort challenges into those that frustrate and those that inspire, then tackle both.  This to me is a great way to view and consider life’s challenges as temporary growing pains, and the better way to visualize this is to divide & conquer.  We must not fray from what can be broken down into pieces, but instead we must stick around to put the pieces back together in order to recieve what is to come of your efforts.

Dividing & Conquering is a way of life, upon which you can utilize this by customizing whatever you are faced with to work in your favor.   Completing tasks in my everyday life, is something that makes me feel great.   A strategic approach to all situations isn’t always the best route to take, some of the best solutions found are the ones stumbled upon.  No one plans their challenges, they just happen and when they happen you must just happen to divide the tasks and conquer them.

I think that people become invincible the moment they are faced with despairity.  We challenge ourselves when we face ourselves, and sometimes we need to be divided and conquered by ourselves in order to understand how ourselves work.  For me the best part of a puzzle, is putting it together, in the end you are satisfied with the conclusion, but I think the process is what makes it interesting.  One problem at a time is key, different solutions work for different people and I have realized that for me the best resolution is the one day/one problem @ a time approach.  We must resolve issues that we have with ourselves, by learning to understand ourselves and trusting in the fact that we are just born this way.

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second. Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you. – William James

You are what it means to be simply amazing, along with time there comes change and that is one of the main constants in life.  You can always count on a new day and something new to look forward to.  I once heard and truly believe that sometimes seeing is sometimes deceiving and dreaming is believing.  One should leave room to expect the unexpected and give your dreams the motivation neccessary to come true.

Energy comes from within and it radiates an inspiring vision that helps one catapult the idea of continuing to follow dreams and endeavours.  Think of all the times that you thought you wouldn’t be able to get through a moment of tough times and here you stand.  It’s almost like not being able to swim and how the fear involved in actually being under water can manipulate ones mind into actually believing he/she is drowning. 

I recall a situation where this once happened to me.  I actually thought I was going to drown, because the water was over my head and the fear of drowning moved me to choke on the water, which further convinced me to believe it to be truth.  If I were only able to wake up and realize that there were a second wind of breathe, I would not have choked impatiently under the manipulation of believing something was happening based on a boundary of fear.

Within reason of no doubt!

Do everything as you want to do it.  Be as you will, promote happiness as you will, teach as you will, and achieve as you will.  There is absolutely no doubt, that you will progress @ god’s speed.  Cherish every moment spent towards your continuously developing life story.
The weak rely on the world and the strong constantly collide with the world in order to constantly pave new paths of doing new things.  If things become dark and weary, then you must think bright and hopeful.  With confidence, there is absolutely no such thing as doubt, believe it and it will exist.  Mind over matter, and beliefs over distractions.

Accepting an opinion that conflicts with your own beliefs, is an agreement that may carry over to become a believable truth.  Upon which acceptance was placed into your thought pattern and you allowed it a space in your mind.  It is always okay to agree to disagree, but never condition your thoughts to accept views about you, that will cause you to be less confident.  For this only you can decide, what is denial and what is truth!

Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts.
(Charles Dickens)

Better influences, start with you exemplifying what it means to be an all around good person.  We are all faced with difficulty, we can all overcome what we face and fear.  There is absolutely no need to disrupt someone else’s  day, because yours was turned upside down.  Carry what you will as you set out to venture in todays atmosphere, but please leave your angry baggage @ home. 

We were all born into this world on a happy note, well at least we can agree that most newborns appear to be happy.  The loud cries of joy, the everlasting  smiles from ear to ear and the pure conscious of innocence.  Hmm, thinking back to those days, makes me feel some  kind of way, even though I can’t recall the moments.  It seems to be  partially a familiar feeling, and also a feeling that I wish I could actually recall moment by moment.  It is truly one of those things, that brings most people to smile, when they see a newborn full of life.

I find that most children find a way to create a world of joy within their imagination.  Just maybe us adults should imagine some things also.  It is fair to explore our concious on levels of fairytales and wishes.  Sometimes escaping reality, creates a new reality.  I mean it is very much okay, to believe that your job is the best job in the world, when it may actually be just a job to you.  You have to attain happiness, from what you are dealt, and use this to either jump to another platform in life, make the best of the one you are already standing on.  Glide along the path that suits your true purpose in life, let things fall into place as you take risks and love the decisions you make.

The power of Investment!

We are reluctantly driven to seldomely pay attention to the fact that, objects along with people equate to what we mentally invest them to be.  The idea of buying a Gucci watch versus a less expensive watch, is all about interpretation.  For someone who is not conciously bound to luxury labels, I think it is safe to say, that this type of person would consider the less expensive watch to be a very feasible buy.  While the conciously luxury label invested individual would find the less expensive watch to not be an option.   Simply due to the thought that it is cheaper; Therefore in this persons mind, the watch is less of an luxury item, which in various cases this is found to be false.  

Now, I am not at all saying that one shouldn’t spend money on Gucci items, but I am saying that a watch is a watch.  If you were buying the watch for it’s purpose of telling time, then you wouldn’t be bound to spending money on a watch for it’s luxury name and price.  When we invest a big portion of meaning into people and things, we lose a part of ourselves.  It becomes very easy to pick up bad habits of over investing into people and things, that usually only momentarily makes us feel good. 

Investing in anything, allows it to matter to you and this grants it  the power of meaning.  Just like the old saying goes: “Life is what you make it”.  I truly feel that, “Meaning is what you invest in it”.  If you invest little or no emotion into a person, then they mean little or nothing emotionally to you, vice versa.  It is important that we invest in what will make us better, and what will allow us to learn good values of life.  Like investing time and effort in living a simple and fun lifestyle.  I mean it is truly interesting to know that, a luxury item, V.I.P. wouldn’t exist to be that, if you didn’t invest it to mean that.

Do the right thing!

Do the thing that makes you feel the exact way that you want to feel, the right feel and texture that defines who you are intended to be.  It’s hard existing in a world where things don’t exist to matter,  but rather matter to exist.  Existence is to be spent learning, nurturing and absorbing the needs and wants for thyself. 

The right thing for each individual varies in very different ways, passionate feelings of becoming something ultimate in life can become overwhelming at times.  Perseverance in having and striving for the highest and strongest faith in life, is a job on its own.  While the continual commitment of  understanding and sustaining all components involved in doing what is right for thyself, is another job. 

 Daily motivation is truly a great asset to have, when you are trying to do the right thing.  Finding this should be as simple as doing what you love to do on a daily basis.  I became overwhelmed with the amount of tasks that, I had committed to and so I put writing on hold.  This totally bummed me out, and made me lose part of my vision of committment.  I realized that I was losing control of  my commitment ideals, when I went a couple of days without blogging, which led to a week and that really boggled my mind.  But, fact of the matter is, I am on track now and pressing on with my destiny.  So, continue to do the right thing and knock those roadblocks down, live your life.

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